Location:   Gyreum, Corlisheen
                  Riverstown, County Sligo
                  Located near Castlebaldwin,
                  County Sligo, overlooking
                  Lough Arrow, it is nestled in the
                  heart of Sligo’s rich                                                        
                  archaeological countryside.
Contact:    Colum Stapleton
Email:        info@gyreum.com
Web site:    www.gyreum.com
Phone:        (353) 71  9165994
Opening Times:  year-round
See web site  www.gyreum.com
by bus:   www.buseirann.ie
by rail:   www.irishrail.ie
by Northern Ireland Bus:  
Sligo Airport:   www.sligoairport.com
Ireland West Airport:
-The Gyreum is an Ecolodge.  It is aligned to three solar events pointing towards the megalithic cairns of Moytura, Carrowkeel, and Queen Maeve’s on top of Knocknarae.
This “large round place” is 100 feet in diameter.
-two five bedded dorms that can be mixed or
 single-sex as required
-two small double rooms
-fourteen capsule-like tents in the big
 central hall which are mostly for when large groups want to take the building.  These tents
are suitable for quiet couples, good friends,
and singles.
All non-group bookings  can be made through www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.
For booking for over eight people, it is
best to ring for availability.
-Dorms are 19 euros per person on
weekdays and 21 euros per person on
-Doubles are 27 euros per person
-capsule-like tents cost 16 euros per person
 on weekdays and 19 euros per person
 on weekends.
 Occasionally it is possible to hire the
 building outright, for larger family
 gatherings or private parties or events
such as retreats,conferences, meetings,
and even weddings!
Week High Season:  (May to Sept)  
                                   1900 euros
Week Low Season:     1400 euros
Weekend High Season:       1000 euros
Weekend Low Season:           900 euros
Bank Holiday Weekend:      1200 euros
               Low Season:             900 euros
Weekday - 24 hour hire           400 euros
                    Low Season:         250 euros
-The Gyreum is a gigantic round structure
  with 360 degree views of  Sligo’s cairned
  mountains and lakes spanning five counties.
-Ireland’s first Ecolodge to be awarded the  
  E.U. Flower for environmental and
  ecological standards.
- The Gyreum was one of four national
   finalists for Best Ecological Building of the
   Year 2007.
-cozy central hearth area in the middle of the
-transport from bus station to hostel
-a large kitchen is available for self-catering
  groups and individual travelers.  Part of the
  kitchen is a living room area.
-catering can be arranged on request for
  larger groups and parties.
-the building is available for hire as a
 specialized Ecolodge/retreat centre/          
 rehearsal space.  Dance, theatre, yoga,
 and new-age groups have all hired it as a
 rehearsal space or workshop centre.
-relaxed fun atmosphere
-wheelchair accessible
-open fire
-large movie screen
-cozy, glass-domed library
-common room
-outdoor terraced area
-pool table
-linen included
-guest kitchen
-barbecue area
-free parking
-24 hour reception
-bicycle hire
-towel hire
-luggage storage
Things To Do
-explore archaeological sites in the area
-enjoy a surfing week  (Strandhill Beach)
 either guided or surfing solo
-walk in the Bricklieve Mountains with
 a qualified guide or solo
-enjoy cycling around the nearby lakes
-appreciate the greatest concentration of
megalithic structures in Europe that are found all around the hills in the area
-visit Carrowkeel
-participate in the occasional Saturday Night at the Movies
-participate in a Pilgrim’s Progress journey
 through six counties (for additional details
on this incredible opportunity see the description posted on the website
 -attend a special workshop
-watch the sunrise and sunset
-attend a Second Sunday Sermon
The Gyreum A Unique Hostel in Ireland