Location:      Tory Island, County Donegal

                      Teach Bhillie is located

                      800 meters from the pier

                      where the ferry arrives and                

                      departs.  It is situated directly

                      on the ocean.

Contact:        Deirdre Sweeney

Phone:            ( )  353 (0) 74 9165145 or

                       ( )  353  87 2987407

Website:         www.toraigh.net

Email:            toraigh@eircom.net

Getting there:

Tory Island Ferry (Tuasmara Teo)

web site:  www.toryislandferry.com

email:  eolas@toryislandferry.com

phone:  00353 (0) 74 9531320


  Magheroarty Pier Office: 

            00353 (0) 74 9135061

            fax:  0353 (0) 74 9531665

April-May, June, and September

Daily Sailings:

Depart Bunbeg-Tory               9:00 a.m.

Depart Magheroarty-Tory     11:30 a.m.

                                                  5:00 p.m.

Return Tory-Bunbeg               10:30 a.m.

Return Tory-Magheroarty        4:00 p.m.

                                                   6:00 p.m.

July and August

Daily Sailings:

Depart Bunbeg-Tory                    9:00 a.m.

                                                      6:00 p.m.

Depart Magheroarty-Tory          11:30 a.m.

                                                      1:30 p.m.

                                                      5:00 p.m.

Return Tory-Magheroarty         10:30 a.m.

                                                    12:30 p.m

                                                      4:00 p.m.


one daily sailing from Bunbeg and full

service from Magheroarty on weekends

November to May

seven sailings per week from Bunbeg

(check with office for departure times)

Oilean Thoraigh Ferry Company

license to carry 30 people

web site:      www.torydirect.com

for sailing times:  call or text 086 8108411

web site:     www.toryhotel.com

email:         ostantory@eircom.net

telephone:   353 74 91 35920

                    353 74 91 35282

fax:              353 74 91 35613


-Teach Bhillie offers both hostel and bed

  and breakfast accommodations.  The     

  bedrooms have beautiful ocean views.

-television and a DVD player are provided

  in  each room

-coffee and tea maker with complimentary

  tea and coffee in each room

-hair dryer in each room

-tastefully decorated with complimentary

shampoo and soap and towels

-spotless and luxurious accommodations

with several lovely decorative touches

-the hostel is located directly on the

ocean and many visitors enjoy

listening to the sound of the waves

crashing on the shore

Things To Do:

-enjoy walks around the island with

stunning views

-swim with Dugie, the dolphin

-rent a bicycle and explore the island

-visit the pubs and or cafe and


-walk to the area near the cliffs and look

for puffins and seals.

-enjoy traditional music

-meet Patsy Dan, the king of Tory Island

-visit the art galleries where primitive

paintings are sold

-enjoy birdwatching of over the 100 species

that inhabit the island.  Tory Island has a

population of birds that includes

corncrakes, puffins, guillemots, eider

ducks, fulmars, stormy petrels, and gannets

-see the Tau cross which is estimated to

be dated as long ago as 1000 B.C.

-visit the Wishing Stone on the east side of

the island and throw three pebbles on the

stone is believed that your wish will come


-walk to the east end of the island and see

the remains of Balor’s Fort

-listen for the sound of the corncrake

-go scuba diving to the various submerged


-go sea angling

-enjoy surfing and swimming

-visit the beach

-contact Dive Tory for birdwatching,

sea angling and diving trips around

the island

-visit Club Soisialta Thoraigh, the social

centre on Tory Island, for one of their

ceilidhs or traditional music sessions.


Lovely kitchen with incredible ocean views

Teach Bhillie is located directly on the ocean

The bedrooms at Teach Bhillie are exceptionally luxurious and welcoming.

Patsy Dan, King of Tory Island, often entertains guests at various places on the island with his squeeze box.

Group dancing is encouraged and enjoyed by people of all ages.

This beautifully-
decorated room sleeps five and includes a sofa, television and DVD player as well as beautiful ocean views from the two skylights. 

View from kitchen window.

The Sweeney family gives a friendly Tory Island welcome to all their guests.


Duggie the Dolphin can often be sighted following the ferry into Tory Island.  He loves to swim with one

of the dogs from town and also with the children in the harbor!

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