Location:  Jenkinstown

                County Kilkenny

Phone:      353 (0) 56 7767674

Contact:    Jack Macken

History:    This historic 16th century

Kilkenny Hostel is located only 8 kilometeres

from Kilkenny Town. 


under 18                    12.00 (Oct.-April)

                                   12.50 (May-Sept.)

over 18                       13.50 (Oct.-April)

                                   15.00 (May-Sept.)


one four-bedded room

one ten-bedded room

one twelve-bedded room


-magnificent dining room with

enormous fireplace

-spiral staircase to upper floors

-large self-catering kitchen

-beautiful courtyard

-lovely art gallery in reception area

Things To Do:

-enjoy walking in the area

-visit Dunmore Cave

-visit Kilkenny

-enjoy cycling

-enjoy river swimming

-enjoy horse racing

-enjoy fly fishing in the nearby River Nore

-visit Kilkenny Castle

-visit St. Mary’s Church

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