Camping with views of the coast.

Mary O’Donnell and her son, Leo, have operated the Dooey Hostel in Glencolmcille for many years.  It is built from stone directly into the hillside overlooking the sea.

Dooey Hostel in Glencolmcille has a unique history as it was the first independent hostel in Ireland.  It remains the headquarters of the Independent Hostel Owners of Ireland. It is located in an area of spectacular natural views.

There are several rooms with private kitchenettes and bathrooms,

as well as camping opportunities at the Dooey Hostel.  All the accommodations overlook this stunning view of the coast.

Contact:      Leo and Mary O’Donnell

                    Dooey Hostel

                    Glencolumcille, County           


Phone:        +353 (0) 74 973 0130

Web Site:

                   (being updated)


                  (being updated)

Directions: or call       


Rates:        14 euros per person

                   camping:    7.50 euros per


Open:        year-round


-spectacular natural surroundings

-private rooms with kitchenettes and    


-self-catering kitchen

-camping with full use of hostel facility

-spacious garden

-friendly and fun atmosphere

-common room with television

-storage space and drying room

-large separate building accommodating 

twenty people

-close to beaches and hill walking

-close proximity to Cashel Street shops

-close proximity to restaurants, pubs

-directly above Glencolmcille Folk


-headquarters of Independent Hostel 


-travel advice, brochures, bulletin board

-close to 80 documented archaeological 


-near Oideas Gael (Ulster Cultural   

Center) where Irish language, art,

weaving, traditional music and

dance instruction courses are offered.

-close proximity to Slieve League, 

deserted villages, and many recreational 


-close proximity to Ardara Heritage


-close to swimming and surfing

Dooey Hostel has a large separate building accommodating twenty people.

Traditional music is enjoyed in the Glencolmcille area.

The Dooey Hostel is a magical place.  Many friendships have been formed over the years and even a pair of hostelers who met there returned for their wedding!

The common areas at Dooey Hostel are warm and welcoming.

Hostelers can enjoy the private kitchen and dining areas throughout the rambling Dooey Hostel.

Fiddle Week in Glencolmcille attracts musicians from around the world.

A trip to the deserted village of Port is well worth the effort.

There are historical and archaeological treasures to be seen throughout the Glencolmcille area.

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